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Colon Cancer Treatment

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For Appointments: 44 (0)2070 999 333

What are the methods of screening?

Regular colon cancer screenings can detect colon cancer early and potentially save your life. Early detection is advisable as polyps or growths on the lining of the intestine can be found early and removed before they develop into cancer. Colon cancer screening is dreaded by many people as they think it might hurt or they find it embarrassing. It is important to understand your doctor performs these procedures on a regular basis and there is no need to feel embarrassed. Also, you will be kept comfortable during the procedure with anaesthesia and not feel pain.

How is colon cancer diagnosed?

If your symptoms resemble colon cancer, your doctor will review your medical history and order blood tests. The following procedures may be recommended:

  • Colonoscopy- A long and flexible slender tube is attached to a video camera and monitor, and the entire colon is captured on a screen. This helps to detect suspicious areas from where biopsies (tissue samples) can be taken for analysis using surgical tools passed through the tube.
  • Virtual colonoscopy/CT colonography: Multiple CT scan images are combined to create a detailed picture of the inside of your colon. This is usually recommended for people who are unable to undergo colonoscopy.

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